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Oil Free: Sustained Performance

Oil Free: Sustained Performance

Operations teams at mission critical buildings understand why selecting the right chiller is about more than just increased efficiency and cost reduction. In these environments, system reliability and sustained performance are as important as cutting energy and operating costs, or maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

When it comes to staying online, perhaps no setting is as fragile as hospitals where processes and controls are in place to ensure life-saving equipment isn’t interrupted, even if power to the overall building or campus is lost. Data centers operate in the same way, but for different reasons – losing power even for just a few minutes could mean significant loss of data, and subsequently, customer trust and revenue.

Regardless of the business motivation, in mission critical environments innovative technology that helps reduce risk and improve business outcomes are mandatory. Enter Daikin Applied’s Magnitude® chillers.

Magnitude is Daikin’s premier magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller. It’s not a new product, but it remains an industry leader because of its innovative reliability and performance features that help bring peace of mind to facilities and operational teams in critical environments. 

The chiller’s compressor can protect itself from low power quality and control its response in power loss situations, which is an appealing feature to organizations that cannot risk being offline for extended periods of time.  In many cases, proprietary Daikin’s proprietary RideThrough® technology will keep the chiller online during minor power disturbances and re-synchronize with the incoming power when restored.

In extreme or extended power disruptions, Magnitude can also restart in as little as 43 seconds after building power kicks back on. The compressors are designed to regenerate power from the spinning motor and feed that power back to the bearings and control system. This regenerative power mode allows the compressor shaft to coast down and gently reseat onto touchdown bearings. A fast loading option can restore 80 percent load cooling capacity in less than 75 seconds. 

Not only is it extremely reliable in mission critical applications, Magnitude offers the highest sustainable energy efficiency in its size range with oil-free part load performance as low as 0.29 Kw/ton IPLV.  It has proven effective in thousands of installations, in various climates and diverse building loads.

The bottom line is Magnitude has it all: it provides peace of mind for mission critical environments and the system’s oil-free magnetic bearing design helps organizations realize cost savings that can amount to nearly $4 million over the life of the machine.








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