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Breathe easier knowing you are prepared

Breathe easier knowing you are prepared

Companies routinely review comprehensive evacuation and safety plans to protect occupants if the unexpected derails your mechanical system’s operation; Yet, few proactively think about what it takes to get the facility up and running if something were to happen.

Every organization and facility face risks due to loss of cooling in their facilities, whether from weather-related, power outages or mechanical failures. Depending on the building’s use, a system failure can be minor and create discomfort with rising temperatures, to major, with lives at stake or financial impact in hundreds of thousands of dollars due to lost productivity. Whether a building is used for living, healing, learning or working, being prepared for the unknown ensures that the people inside are covered – from contingency plans to emergency or temporary cooling needs

As we move through the hottest months and hurricane season, building owners can be confident they have a plan and a system that’s prepared if disaster strikes.

Our portfolio has you covered so that you can face unexpected downtime with the assurance that you’ll decrease the time it takes getting back online.

Here’s how:

Know your risk. Proactive facility management is key to mitigating your risk, planning for the worst by doing the best through proper design and on-going maintenance. Creating a contingency plan for your facility can ensure you are prepared if unexpected downtime occurs.

As a Daikin service customer, a service team member will walk you through the steps to determine the financial risks associated with losing control of your indoor environment. From there, you can discuss a contingency plan and having your organization start practicing it. These practices help you react more quickly during stressful times and are designed to help protect your most valuable assets.

Have a plan. Having a contingency plan is more than making a list of the equipment that you need to rent until your system is able to get back online. It is preparing your facility to be rental ready by identifying the risks and testing that connections are in place so temporary cooling can be connected quickly in an emergency.

Be prepared. Daikin’s rental chiller program and process is unique. We rent chillers through our service channels to ensure you are fully covered, not only with a rental chiller but also with a factory-trained service team to support you. Whether you need a rental for a week or for more than a year, our fleet of almost 50 air-cooled chillers in the large tonnage range are ready to serve your facility’s cooling demands.

Being able to respond quickly to get your HVAC system back online can be a huge money saving advantage. With the proper plan in place, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your building back up and running, avoiding lost productivity or even life-threatening temperatures. When you have a plan, Daikin’s service team is ready to help at any time, on any day.

Think long-term.  Rental chillers can also be called into action even when there isn’t an emergency. Need extra cooling during peak season? Cover your cooling during planned maintenance? Looking to maintain full cooling capabilities during renovation? Or, simply want the assurance of redundancy? Daikin rental chillers are the dependable solution.







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