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Interning at Daikin Applied

Interning at Daikin Applied

This summer we had 23 interns located throughout the country in many of our locations including, our headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, our chiller production facility in Staunton, Virginia and in two of our sales offices in Richmond, Virginia and New York City. Hear first hand from many on their experience this summer and learn how they made an impact in our company. 


I am an engineering intern for the controls engineering group in Staunton. The principle function of a chiller is that it takes heat away from the indoor air and puts it into the condenser water loop. The refrigerant, when cool and at low pressure in the evaporator, takes away the heat from the evaporator water. This water is then distributed throughout the building to cool it. The now warm refrigerant is then compressed which by the ideal gas law also further increases the temperature which makes it possible to dump that heat into the condenser water loop. A cooling tower (for water cooled chillers) is used to dump that heat into the outside air in order to provide cool water for the chiller to continue pulling heat out of the indoor air. I am responsible for programming the cooling tower control as part of our next gen chiller control software. With 1000+ lines of code, the program operates the tower to maintain acceptable temperatures for the condenser water loop. Additionally, I participated in programming other parts of the rest of the code such as testing and fixing the alarm handling code, configuring a virtual chiller to aide in the software development process, and more. While interning at Daikin, I was able to learn a lot and build better programming skills and strategies. I came in with basic level experience in programming but working here I was exposed to a larger world of the software development environment, for example, working in the Linux shell; programming in several languages like C++, Python, JavaScript and PHP. My coworkers were knowledgeable and very helpful, welcoming me to be a part of the team. This experience was well worth my time and the effort I invested into it.

Dante Duran 

Engineering Intern--  Staunton, VA


My internship experience at Daikin Applied was one of the best decisions I made in my career search path. My parts division internship gave me the opportunity to get my foot into the door of the business world and to see how a parts division generally operates within a company and allowed me to work with so many wonderful people. One of the main projects I was given to work on was re pricing the majority of parts in the electrical commodity subcategories. There are around 13,000 parts in these categories and having the opportunity to learn about how to research and analyze data from competitors pricing was really neat and it was definitely a great experience. Overall, this internship was everything I could ever ask for and the experiences I got from it will last me a lifetime.


Supply Chain (Parts) Intern -- Plymouth, MN


During my time at Daikin Applied I was able to work on creating a test controller and control scheme for a new water source heat pump. Knowledge gained from using the test controller will be used on the production control board that is in development. Additionally, I was also able to work on increasing the functionality of our intelligent equipment and intelligent systems, working on a project that will truly make a difference in the future of this technology. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience and was exciting to work in a professional and challenging environment!


Engineering Intern -- Plymouth, MN


My time at Daikin has just flown by! Every week consisted of learning new information, going new places, and meeting new people. With each new job I went to, I gained more insight into the expansive and still growing HVAC market for Daikin here in New York City. I got to see projects go through many stages and became more knowledgeable on HVAC and the sales industry itself. The lessons I learned in this internship will be invaluable in my future.


Sales Intern-- NYC


This summer I had the excellent opportunity to work at Daikin Applied in the Controls Marketing department. This gave me an amazing window to see into a new field and gain important experience. During the summer I learned how to manage projects, time, and resources. My manager and the department I worked with were warm and welcoming. I could always get help when I needed it, but at the same time I was allowed to solve my own problems and able to learn on my own. I was introduced to new technology; some were new even to the other members of my team. This internship gave me opportunities to adapt to changing situations and learn on the job. The knowledge I gained this summer will be invaluable as I move forward in my career.  


Controls Engineering Intern - Plymouth, MN


This summer I had the opportunity to work with the Centrifugal Chiller Applications team here in Staunton, VA. It was a very rewarding experience and I learned valuable information for my future career. Another great aspect was the friendly and welcoming culture in the Staunton office. I always felt like I was part of the team, rather than there being a divide between interns and salary workers. I even attended a coworker’s home BBQ cookout after only my 2nd day here!


Applications Engineering, Staunton, VA


This summer, I had the opportunity to work with Service Accounting. Not only did I get a great introduction into corporate accounting, but I was also able to develop soft skills that are essential to any field. My various projects allowed me to take my basic knowledge from the classroom and transform it to improve business practices at Daikin. I could not have asked for a better team or group of interns to work with!


Finance Intern-- Plymouth, MN


This summer I worked at the Daikin sales and service office in Richmond, VA. For my first three weeks I worked in the field with the service technicians to learn more about the products that Daikin makes and the services that we provide for our customers. For the rest of the summer, I worked with the sales team in the office. Most of my summer has been spent using a program to map Daikin equipment in Virginia while doing small things around the office. The people who I have worked with for the past three months have been easy going and have really made the experience of working here great.


Sales-- Richmond, VA


This summer I created new software for a thermostat. I got to create my own plan to complete the project and was given a lot of freedom to problem solve and try new things. I also got to design and build a simulator to test the thermostat's software. The simulator will be used in the future for other thermostats and as an example for future device testing. My project allowed to gain programming and circuit building skills. I also had the opportunity to network with different engineers who helped me to be successful this summer.


Engineering Intern -- Plymouth, MN


This internship gave me the opportunity to experience a great company culture. Everyone was welcoming and helpful. The people that supervised me provided the support I needed to get involved quickly and helped me with challenges along the way while giving me the freedom to learn. This summer I gained new skills and connected with many dedicated professionals and learned a lot about the HVAC industry.


Supply Chain (Parts) Intern -- Plymouth, MN


I worked in Desktop Support which gave me experience and inside view in how the company is structured. I was also put into a project to utilize a new reporting software to automate more of our data collecting process allowing upper management to make more informed decisions based off the reports I helped automate and create. I was also put in charge of the quarter deployments which involved deploying 86 computers plus many others that came up through my time here, I ended up helping deploy 100+ computers. These projects allowed me to have a real impact that I could both see and measure during my time here. I also learned a lot about how IT is structured and the different processes that take place to support a 3000+ member company in its day to day operations.


IT Intern- Plymouth, MN


Thank you all for a wonderful summer, we highly value your contributions to Daikin during your internship!







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