Daikin's Innovation Roadshow

Daikin's Innovation Roadshow

The New Cool: The road ahead just got more interesting.

Daikin’s HVAC Innovation Roadshow hits the highways this May bringing an immersive, interactive experience to more than 38 cities across U.S. and Canada. This inaugural tour carries the latest technology – both HVAC and experiential marketing – to bring the Daikin story to life for you.

This decked out trailer features hydraulic “wings” that spread to create a show filled with hands-on product displays as well as “build your own” stations. You’ll step into an augmented-reality cityscape that lets you fly over the landscape to delve into buildings and solutions that matter most.

The inaugural roadshow will feature embedded technology such as variable volume ratio (VVR) compressor, magnetic bearing compressors, inverter compressor, ECM developments, and Intelligent Solutions®. Product showcases will include: SmartSource® WSHP, DOAS development for WSHP, ThinLine fan coils as well as PreciseLineTM blower coil.

Watch for innovation rolling into a city near you and plan to step into the New Cool and the Future of HVAC with us.

Check out where we are headed:

4/27/2018 Plymouth, MN  - Employee Open house
5/1/2018 SVL, Fargo, ND
5/3/2018 SVL, St. Paul, MN
5/8/2018 Mechanical Resource Group, Nashville, TN
5/10/2018 Daikin Applied Georgia, Marietta, GA
5/15/2018 Carroll Air Systems, Altamonte Springs, FL
5/17/2018 Daikin Applied South Florida, Davie, FL
5/22/2018 Carroll Air Systems, Ft. Myers FL
5/24/2018 Carroll Air Systems, Tampa, FL
Break for Memorial Day weekend
5/31/2018 Ewing Kessler, Memphis, TN
6/5/2018 Ewing Kessler, Jackson, MS
6/12/2018 Varitec Solutions, Albuquerque, NM
6/15/2018 Varitec Solutions, Phoenix, AZ
6/19/2018 Norman S. Wright Climatec, San Diego, CA
6/21/2018 Norman S. Wright Climatec, Anaheim, CA
6/26/2018 Norman S. Wright Mech. Equip. Corp., San Francisco, CA
6/28/2018 Norman S. Wright Mech. Equip. Corp., Sacramento, CA
Break for 4th of July holiday week
7/10/2018 Air Reps, Portland, OR
7/12/2018 Air Reps, Seattle, WA
7/17/2018 Olympic International, Vancouver, BC
7/20/2018 Air Reps, Spokane, WA
7/25/2018 Vemco, Butte, MT
7/31/2018 Long Building Technologies, Denver, CO
8/7/2018 Thermal Mechanics, Kansas City, KS
8/9/18 & 8/10/18 Thermal Mechanics, St Louis, MO
8/14/2018 Harrison Energy Partners, Tulsa, OK
8/16/2018 Harrison Energy Partners, Little Rock, AR
8/21/2018 ElitAire, Columbus, OH
8/23/2018 Mason & Barry, St Albans, WV
8/28/2018 Hoffman & Hoffman, Charlotte, NC
Break for Labor Day weekend
9/6/2018 TriState, Wilkes-Barre, PA
9/11/2018 Swan Associates, Hartford, CT
9/13/2018 Thermal Environment Sales, Clifton Park, NY
9/18/2018 Modular Comfort Systems, Syracuse, NY
9/21/2018 Thermaltech, Sewickley, PA
9/25/18 & 9/27/18 Gardiner, Cleveland, OH
9/28/2018 Gardiner, Toledo, OH
10/3/2018 Thermal-Netics, Detroit, MI
10/10/2018 I.T.C. Technologies, Montreal
10/16/2018 Havtech, Columbia, MD
10/18/2018 Daikin Applied - DC office, Hershey, PA
10/23/2018 TriState, Philadelphia, PA
10/25/2018 HTS New England, Peabody, MA







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