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Innovation Roadshow: where we’ve been & where we’re heading

Innovation Roadshow: where we’ve been & where we’re heading

Daikin’s Innovation Roadshow has been travelling the country, since the tour kicked off on May 1, bringing the latest technology to life for thousands of people nationwide. The decked-out trailer allows attendees to step into the future of HVAC through a hands-on, immersive experience. As you walk into the space, it’s immediately evident what the hype is all about. We’ve captured some of the excitement in this new Roadshow “trailer” video. Take a peek inside:



Customers and Sales Engineers alike are commending the show:

  • “Customers were very impressed with the event and trailer itself. Several had seen other trailers but nothing compared with Daikin’s!”
  • “Very effective way of showing that Daikin is leading the way in building system technology.”  


Watch for innovation rolling into a city near you:

7/25/2018 Vemco, Butte, MT
7/31/2018 Long Building Technologies, Denver, CO
8/7/2018 Thermal Mechanics, Kansas City, KS
8/9/18 & 8/10/18     Thermal Mechanics, St Louis, MO
8/14/2018 Harrison Energy Partners, Tulsa, OK
8/16/2018 Harrison Energy Partners, Little Rock, AR
8/21/2018 ElitAire, Columbus, OH
8/23/2018 Mason & Barry, St Albans, WV
8/28/2018 Hoffman & Hoffman, Charlotte, NC
9/6/2018 TriState, Philadelphia, PA
9/11/2018 Swan Associates, Hartford, CT
9/13/2018 Thermal Environment Sales, Clifton Park, NY
9/18/2018 Modular Comfort Systems, Syracuse, NY
9/21/2018 Thermaltech, Sewickley, PA
9/25/18 & 9/27/18    Gardiner, Cleveland, OH
9/28/2018 Gardiner, Toledo, OH
10/3/2018 Thermal-Netics, Detroit, MI
10/10/2018 I.T.C. Technologies, Montreal
10/16/2018 Havtech, Columbia, MD
10/18/2018 Daikin Applied - DC office, Hershey, PA








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