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Interning at Daikin Applied

Interning at Daikin Applied

By HR intern, Burgandy Mallinger

During my internship I was challenged and given meaningful projects.

During my internship I explored different areas of HR and different areas within the company.

During my internship I worked with people who wanted me to grow and learn from my experience.

For the last three months, I have been the Human Resources Intern at Daikin Applied. This was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I have had by allowing me to identify my career goals.

Company Culture: Daikin Applied’s culture is organized around the philosophy of People Centered Management. This philosophy states that the source of Daikin Applied’s competitiveness is their employees, which is something that was very prevalent in my time here.  

The Internship Program: I really wanted to work for a company that offered an internship program, and Daikin was just the right place. Daikin Applied’s internship program is growing and with that there are many exciting opportunities! The internship program here valued my learning and allowed me to add value to the company.

Daikin truly values the work done by interns and shows the importance of the program to the company. We participated in many events within the company, for example an Executive Panel discussion. The Executive Panel allowed Executives to share their experiences and knowledge with the interns, offering ideas for success and how they got to where they are today. This was an extremely rewarding and unique experience and not something I expected to do as an intern.

Throughout the internship, we were involved in a scavenger hunt to learn more about Daikin Applied and the different departments throughout the business. This was a great opportunity to meet employees throughout the company, socialize and get to know the other interns while having fun. The interns participated in many other events to educate us about Daikin’s new innovations, products, processes and allowed us to get hands on with products themselves.

At the end of the three month program, each intern presented their main project to the Executive Team. This was a rewarding experience to know that the entire company truly values your work and an amazing opportunity to grow and build rapport throughout the company.

The Projects: Daikin Applied gives each intern a meaningful project to make a difference. I had the opportunity to design and implement a program that will affect all employees. I also had the opportunity to research and recommend changes to certain benefits. I know that I contributed to Daikin Applied and that the work I did will be used in the future, and that is what made interning here such a great experience. The aspect of the internship that I really appreciated was that my input and recommendations were taken seriously and followed through with.

At the end of each project I presented my recommendation to my team. This allowed me to see my projects through completion and the impact that was made on the business. When I presented my projects, I was given feedback which taught me different skills I didn’t imagine I would have been exposed to during my time here.

Overall, my time at Daikin Applied has been very beneficial for my career. I have been able to experience what it is like to work in Human Resources at a large corporation. I would recommend any student to apply for an internship at Daikin; you will get a rewarding, unforgettable experience!

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