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Benefits of geothermal for K-12 environments

Benefits of geothermal for K-12 environments

School and district administration of K-12 schools are tasked not only with educating students, but with providing them a safe and comfortable learning environment—on a tight budget. To meet budgetary constraints while elevating the classroom environment, leaders look to energy efficient and sustainable solutions, such as geothermal heat pump systems, to address their multifaceted requirements.

A geothermal system uses energy from the earth to heat or cool a building by pumping water through pipes that are 10 feet or more below the surface. Since the earth maintains an approximate 60-degree temperature year-round, it serves as a sustainable heating or cooling source.

In additional to being attractive to schools because of their energy efficiency and sustainability, geothermal systems are far easier to maintain, decreasing operational expenses. The systems use heat pumps that are designed to provide heating and cooling in smaller distributed units. This distribution model provides a two-fold benefit: if there’s a failure in a single pump, it affects a smaller footprint instead of all classrooms, all while providing better zone control to individual classrooms and multi-use areas in the school. Improved classroom temperature control provides a more comfortable learning environment for students so that they can get the most out of their education. Students perform best in distraction-free environments, and that includes air quality, temperature, and sound. Geothermal HVAC solutions have demonstrated improved sound performance proving to be a great solution where sound matters.

Learn more about geothermal HVAC systems and how they can help shape distraction-free learning environment from Daikin Applied’s Al Youker; his latest article can be found in HPAC engineering.







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