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OptiLine, Daikin’s newest fan coil

OptiLine, Daikin’s newest fan coil

When living space is at a premium, look to our OptiLineTM vertical stacked fan coil. Ideal for high-rise apartments, office buildings, dormitories, and hotels, OptiLine provides new levels of quiet, comfortable, and economical heating and cooling in a very slender package.

With the industry’s focus on indoor air quality (IAQ), many are looking for a solution to create better customer outcomes. Providing superior filtration and humidity control for occupant comfort and health, OptiLine exemplifies Daikin’s focus on creating better outcomes through Air IntelligenceTM, because healthier air produces better outcomes where you work, where you create, where you live.

Let’s find out how OptiLine can create better outcomes in your building.

IAQ: OptiLine’s coil surface area is maximized to improve heat transfer, control humidity, and reduce static resistance minimizing fan power. Air filtration is accomplished with a 1-inch MERV 10 pleated filter, exceeding the recommended filtration for the hospitality industry. 

Sound: OptiLine achieves a noise criterion (NC) of less than 30 for the space. This is accomplished with a variable speed motorized impeller with an EC motor that has been optimized allowing the fan to run at the lowest possible RPM – typically less than 60% capacity.

Footprint: With the smallest footprint in the industry, OptiLine is the optimal solution when every inch of livable space counts. Available in six sizes, 300 through 1200 CFM, OptiLine can handle the most challenging architectural requirements.

Serviceability: Engineered specifically for high-rise apartments, office buildings, dormitories, and hotels OptiLine is simple, convenient to install and maintain. Even changing the filter is simple—no need for tools or an expensive HVAC technician visit, reducing change time by 50 percent.

Reduced energy usage: Designed to consume the lowest amount of energy possible, OptiLine’s standard factory features reduce energy costs by 30 to 50% when compared to a typical fan coil. A 300 CFM unit uses 30 watts or less—about half the energy used in a light bulb!

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