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The Disruption Tour: the top 5 industry disruptors

The Disruption Tour: the top 5 industry disruptors

When the fog dissipated and the volume dropped on the AC/DC tunes, #DGSM17 revealed the most thunderous disruption in San Antonio: the future of HVAC will look vastly different than it does today. In this blog entry, we’re sharing HVAC experts’ top 5 industry disruptors, leading the way into a world of smarter, better, more efficient air.

  1. 75F: changing the understanding and availability of comfort
    The metric of energy efficiency, Deephinder Singh, co-founder of 75F asserts, is relatively small. The productivity of people? That’s how you move the needle. Through light, air quality, and thermal comfort: that’s where you will see measureable improvements in performance of people and the bottom line. 75F’s technology aims to do just that: simplifying the process to improve the environment easily (for the building managers) and effectively (for the building occupants).
  2. Training: the next generation of HVAC
    The workforce is graying. Millennials will account for half of the workforce by 2020. The trades have more open spots to fill than skilled workers. We have all heard it. So, what is the HVAC industry and Daikin doing about it? We’re training the next generation of HVAC. The Daikin Learning Institute is setting a new standard by offering a range of classes for every level, from immersion classes in fundamental principles to highly specified training in operation or maintenance. We’re enrolling students each year in our GET (Graduate Engineering Training) program and offering hands-on product demonstrations and IACET-accredited classes at many of Daikin’s locations including the state-of-the-art Solutions Plaza in Jersey City, NJ. Together, the veterans in the industry and the newly welcomed will train each other and guide us into the future of HVAC.
  3. Skanska: setting new standards for green buildings
    When Skanska sets out on a new project, Beth Heider, Skanska’s Chief Sustainability Officer, doesn’t just look at the profitability, she looks at the triple bottom line: social responsibility, environmental impact, and financial performance. This corporate sustainability process propels Skanska forward, looking to improve not just profit but impact of buildings and spaces on the world and their inhabitants.
  4. ASHRAE 90.1: setting the stage for evolution in the industry
    IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 aren’t revolutionizing HVAC in one fell swoop. But, every 3 years, both standards work to carefully evolve the course of the industry, guiding HVAC to its future. Brandon Damas, of HTS Texas, is an industry expert with certifications in LEED and committed involvement with ASHRAE. He helped create an understanding of the differences between ASHRAE 90.1 (the federal standard) and IECC (adopted by states and municipalities) while demystifying the standards themselves. Ever wondered who’s responsible for compliance? The engineer of record, for both sets of standards.
  5. IoT: accessing and controlling HVAC touchpoints through the cloud
    The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just the latest buzzword: it’s revolutionizing HVAC equipment, maintenance, and efficiency—buildings and the people in them. Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment® pulls, protects, and processes all of your HVAC equipment’s data, bringing complete control on the go through IoT. Daikin is investing to expand this technology across more products, more platforms, and more points of control. Opening soon in Silicon Valley, Daikin’s new San Jose office will be staffed with over 200 engineers focused solely on IoT and artificial intelligence technologies for the HVAC industry.

Daikin and its DGSM speakers aren’t just disruptors. We are leading the way to the future of HVAC. And, the future is promising. Through better indoor air quality, Daikin is creating better outcomes for our customers. Air Intelligence.







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