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Top 4 Benefits of Energy Modeling

Top 4 Benefits of Energy Modeling

While energy modeling is a straight-forward and long-standing practice, the power of its impact is often overlooked and undervalued in the construction of new buildings and upgrades, alike. Using a detailed algorithm, energy models will deliver valuable insights on your energy consumption to help you make informed decisions from the ground up or take advantage of savings within reach during your next remodel or system upgrade.


“The optimal design from an energy and economic standpoint,” Judy Peters, of Daikin Applied writes in HPAC Mag, “is based on a synergy of operating hours, internal loads, local weather patterns, utility costs and the cost of the system itself.”

Once you have the knowledge, the power of the data rests in your hands to reap the top benefits of your energy scenario:

  1. Help you identify which system is best in your building

From regional weather patterns to the type of lighting, all variables are considered and weighed to identify the optimal solution for your building type.


  1. Understand total cost of ownership

It was once a calculation of “simple payback”, calculating when you break even on the efficiency given the cost of the equipment. But, today’s models can reveal the true cost of ownership and the impacts beyond the basics, such as factoring in depreciation rates and annual maintenance.


  1. Achieve “green building” standards (LEED, ASHRAE 90.1)

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has a strict set of guidelines to achieve varying levels of LEED ratings. Energy modeling is one way to determine that level. Posing the configurations against ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G standards allows you to see the x-factor of energy cost savings against a standardized, base model.


  1. Comply with utility and municipality rebate programs

Local governments and utility companies understand the cascading benefits of getting building owners on board with lower energy usage. By using EnergyAnalzyer® 3, Daikin sales Representatives easily perform a quick assessment, ensuring your design is headed in the right direction.


With EnergyAnalyzer® 3 from Daikin Applied, your sales Rep can determine the best HVAC equipment for your building, providing an early assessment for your project.


Energy modeling is critical to your building design. With both direct and indirect inputs available, we can match the chiller tonnage for your building based on a wide variety of factors, from local weather to the amount of ventilation air used. By relying on an energy modeler early in the process, your whole project can be more energy efficient and save you money. Cascading effects from the number of windows to the orientation of the building all bring valuable insight to your total building efficiency.







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