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Don’t Wait to Appreciate!

Don’t Wait to Appreciate!

In honor of all our hardworking service technicians, today we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day. Many of us take indoor comfort for granted, but June 22 is annually set aside to appreciate those who ensure optimal HVAC system performance, keeping building occupants comfortable every day. Across the HVAC industry, there is a growing need for more technicians to join the team in making buildings healthier. We asked a couple of our own Daikin techs to show us the ropes on how they started successful careers in HVAC.


Why did you choose the HVAC field for your career?

“I have worked in the HVAC field since I was 18. My dad has owned a small HVAC company in Tennessee since the early 90s, he needed an extra hand and I started helping. He taught me most of what I know about HVAC. I started in residential installation, worked up to small commercial service work, and moved into industrial/commercial service 5-6 years ago. I enjoy the detective work of troubleshooting the problems of each system/unit. I find it interesting to see how this technology is changing and how it has advanced throughout the years.”

Why did you choose to work at Daikin?

“Daikin appealed to me because of the HVAC advancements of their equipment. The efficiency ratings that the Rebel® is capable of obtaining are amazing. The helpful HVAC performance management tool, Intelligent Equipment®, also impressed me by how it could be beneficial for service techs like me. I also like that the company trains the technicians about the equipment they may be working on by offering factory training—this was a great advantage for me.”

Burgundie Ellis


Why did you choose the HVAC field for your career?

“I chose the HVAC field because it’s more than just a day to day job.  It’s a career with benefits—offering something new and exciting every day. I also enjoy that in this field we get to learn portions of other trades as well, such as plumbing, electrical, controls, rigging, and every once in a while, we get involved on the engineering and design spectrum of the industry as well. I still enjoy my work and job because of the sense of accomplishment I get when I repair a piece of equipment.  And it goes beyond taking something that’s broke and fixing it, it’s the feeling of knowing that you are providing comfort to people.  I like knowing that I can provide an increased quality of life to many people, on a day to day basis.” 

Why did you choose to work at Daikin?  

“Working at Daikin is more than just showing up at a jobsite and making simple repairs, we provide solutions to complex problems. We have a vast network of resources that are available to us here at Daikin. I really enjoy being part of that problem-solving atmosphere, and there’s no better feeling than approaching customers with a solution to meet their needs or help their situation, when others said it couldn’t be done. I feel we are leading the industry in technological advancements, and keeping up with this fast paced, ever-changing technological world is going to ensure we stay the worldwide leader in the marketplace. We are paving the way for the HVAC industry, and that is a place where I want to be.” 

Casey Morgan


Today is a great opportunity to show appreciation to our HVAC technicians. Our technicians work hard, day in and day out, to produce better outcomes for our customers. You too can be part of this impressive work; if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the HVAC field, create your future here.







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