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In a Pinch or With a Plan: Rental Chillers

In a Pinch or With a Plan: Rental Chillers

The Growing Demands of the HVAC Marketplace

With an expected annual growth rate of 7.62 percent between 2018 and 2022, rental chillers are in high demand in the HVAC industry. The rising trend places the U.S. in the lead for market share of this industrial segment and customers are requiring more rental equipment to meet the demand. We took a closer look at what’s driving the growing demand.

For Your Expected and Unexpected Rental Needs

Rental chillers are an obvious solution in emergency situations, but surprisingly only about 15% of rental business is actually emergency-related. More commonly, rental chillers stand in to cool during long-term, planned, maintenance or retrofit projects and seasonal variations in temperature. Increased demand is also coming from the food and beverage industry that prioritizes uninterrupted production to maintain food safety.

Temporary cooling is an excellent way to maintain full cooling capacity in your facility while other equipment is being repaired or replaced, as in this waste management case study from Daikin. Standby and supplemental cooling are also popular uses of temporary cooling, especially as the weather warms up. If high summer temperatures demand cooling that exceeds current system capacity, rental chillers can increase cooling output and eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment that might only be used part of the year. For instance, many K-12 schools care for their occupants by renting chillers during warm months while students and staff are still in the building.

Rental chillers are your lifeline when it comes to temporary cooling needs, especially for unexpected events. Whether a natural disaster or an equipment malfunction takes your cooling system down, Daikin temporary cooling can quickly get you back up and running. Our team brings you peace of mind with 24/7 responsive support for planned or unplanned situations.

Daikin pairs our air-cooled chillers (from 30 to 530 tons) with knowledgeable applications expertise, and responsive support when and where you need it. We’ll handle all of it – from delivery to installation, set-up, and tear-down. Our goal is to get you back to business quickly, with operations running as smoothly as possible.

Where to Find a Rental

Finding temporary cooling is quick and easy with Daikin. Simply contact your local Daikin service representative by calling 1-800-553-0445 or visiting our website to locate the office nearest to you. From there, we can help you identify chillers in your area and support you to keep your facility up and running, failure-free. Daikin offers temporary cooling at the times you need it most. We plan for you, in hopes that you will breathe easier knowing you’re covered.







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