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Rebel Commercial Packaged Rooftop Propels Performance and Savings

Rebel Commercial Packaged Rooftop Propels Performance and Savings

Did you know that rooftop units (RTUs) are used in approximately 40 percent of all commercial buildings? This month, ACHR the News made the case for rooftop units, a distinct technology that offers unique benefits for commercial building owners. Daikin recognizes the potential, offering commercial packaged rooftop units to help buildings achieve better outcomes on a daily basis.

Daikin is proud to lead the industry in packaged rooftop technology, and Chris Stocker, Daikin Applied’s product manager of commercial rooftops, lent his expertise to the article. One of the advantages, he told ACHR the News, is that a rooftop unit is essentially operable as soon as it’s connected to power and ductwork. With simple implementation, it’s no wonder that RTUs make for an economical choice for building owners.

But, Daikin is changing the game in rooftops. It is no longer just the first-cost economical choice: Rebel® commercial packaged rooftop systems are also the lifetime economical choice due to industry-leading energy efficiency and superior indoor air. “What sets today’s rooftop technology apart from other HVAC equipment is the ability to modulate and tightly maintain indoor air quality and occupant comfort to levels previously only available in more applied systems,” Stocker said.



Boasting up to a 20.6 IEER and 43% energy savings over code minimums, Rebel’s Commercial Rooftop system propels both performance and savings. With the options to connect to Daikin’s IoT controls solution, Intelligent Equipment®, 24/7 visibility to your Rebel unit allows you to see your energy savings accumulate in real time.







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