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Meet the AHR Expo “Future of HVAC”  event student leaders

Meet the AHR Expo “Future of HVAC” event student leaders

Meet our student leaders who will be guiding engineering and technical trade students throughout the Daikin booth at AHR Expo during the "Future of HVAC" student program. These are some of Daikin's next generation of talent who are making a difference and an impact each day in our company driving change and the future of HVAC technology. 


Alexandra Edinger

Alexandra is a Field Sales Engineer in Daikin Applied’s Atlanta sales office. After earning her bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech, Alexandra attended Daikin’s 14 week Graduate Engineer Training (GET) program to get up to speed on HVAC before starting her career in Atlanta. She began her career at Daikin in 2013, starting as a project engineer and was promoted to her current position as a field sales engineer in 2016. Her favorite part about working at Daikin is the opportunity she has to constantly grow her career while working for a company that appreciates the impact she makes.







Kai Matsuhashi

As a global controls engineer for Daikin’s chiller team, Kai has the opportunity to make a difference each day working with Daikin employees across the world. Kai began working at Daikin as an intern in 2015 while finishing his bachelor’s in electric engineering at University of Minnesota. He now collaborates with colleagues in Europe, Asia, and South America to design efficient chiller solutions to meet the ever-changing refrigerant regulations. Kai’s favorite part of working for Daikin is helping Daikin gain recognition in the U.S. market by finding was to differentiate from the competition.





Geena Brown

Geena is a development engineer on Daikin Applied’s applied air handling team focusing on coil heat exchangers and valves. She started her career with Daikin in 2016 after graduating from University of Nebraska with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Geena’s favorite part of working at Daikin is the opportunities she has to constantly grow and learn in a large company while knowing she makes a difference with the projects she works on.






Midori Drake

Midori works in Daikin’s Applied Development Center as a development engineer where she designs and optimizes impellers and aero components for compressors within our chillers. Midori earned her bachelor’s in civil engineering from University of Minnesota and began her career at Daikin in 2015. Her favorite part about Daikin is working with engineers from Japan, China, and Europe each day to find ways to meet the demands for newer, more environmentally friendly products.









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