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Daikin Applied’s redefined Pathfinder sets a new bar for air cooled chillers with 100% configurability

MINNEAPOLIS – Dec. 17, 2015 –– There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to air-cooled chillers. Whether the environment is mild or to the extremes of Boston blizzards and humid Houston summers, those designing or working with buildings want a versatile, efficient chiller that can be tailored to their exact needs and conditions. That’s why Daikin Applied has redefined Pathfinder, making it the first air-cooled chiller with Variable Volume Ratio Technology, allowing for greater customization. Rivaling the efficiency of water-cooled chillers, the newly upgraded Pathfinder is also equipped with new variable speed technology, offering easier maintenance and improved part-load performance.

Pathfinder’s extensive configurability gives customers freedom to define their project and have their equipment built to their precise requirements. Ultimately, they will only invest in the performance and features they need, leading to substantial cost savings and increased efficiency. The new compressor automatically adjusts to job conditions, further optimizing Pathfinder’s performance no matter where it’s operating. The configurability and wide array of options also allow Pathfinders to achieve high part load efficiencies and lower the sound levels.

“Our customers were clear in their need for an efficient and configurable air-cooled chiller that the market wasn’t offering. With the Pathfinder, we have taken configurability to a new level by allowing customers to mix and match compressor sizes, evaporator sizes and other features based on what they want,” said Eddie Rodriguez, director of product planning, Daikin Applied. “Because air-cooled chillers are now matching the efficiency of water-cooled chillers, we expect the air-cooled chiller market to continue to grow through advancements like Pathfinder.” 

Water shortages are drastically affecting regions of the country, contributing towards a 14 percent increase in the air-cooled chiller market this year. Air-cooled chillers have also gained traction in applications that call for small-to-medium sized chillers with lower installation costs and no water piping or cooling towers. Initially offered in sizes ranging from 165 to 350 tons, Pathfinder is ideal for schools and office buildings. Mission critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers can also rest easy with Pathfinder’s RapidRestore® feature, which has industry-leading compressor start times and fast load speeds. Additionally, the chiller’s R-134A refrigerant has no phase-out schedule and zero ozone depletion, contributing to LEED certification.

Pathfinder will be offered in sizes over 350 tons starting in 2016.

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